Marc with a C Shrine!

How cool, you found the hidden shrine to one of my favorite artists!

Who is Marc with a C?

Marc with a C is a genderfluid indie music artist from Orlando, Florida. He specializes in Nerd Rock. Songs like Unicorns Need More Bacon, Life's So Hard, and Dickpuncher III: The Dickening (yes that's a real title) are just a few of his songs and offerings. His carreer is split into two distinct phases. Phase I consisting of music performed as the persona Marc With a C where lots of his songs are comedic and sarcastic. Recently he entered into Phase II, dropped the persona, but kept the title Marc With a C (His songs can still be comedic however)

Okay Cool, Gimme Some Reccomendations Then, will ya?



Obscurity is my favorite album by Marc with a C and is the final album in a trilogy consisting of the album Unicorns Get More Bacon and the EP Half Serious, Half Kidding. Tracks like "Low-Rent Truman Show", "Terribly Popular", "Goddamn Birthday", "Obscurity", and of course the albums closers "Please Don't Let My Art Die/Why" speak to me on so many levels.

Life's So Hard

If you're new to Marc, this is the place to start. If you know me and been to any open mics with me you might've actually seen me perfrom "We're All Gonna Die" live. The entire album's concept is basically kids mad at their parents. "Life's So Hard" is probably Marc's most well-known song and really should speak to the Web 1.0 generation so I'd highly reccomend you give it a listen


Thanatophobia is the first album of Phase II. It stands in stark contrast to Phase I and deals with further complex themes like Social Media and Gender Identity. Standouts on this album include "Friends List", "Informed Consent", "I Am Not Happening to You" and "You're Gonna Have to Kill Me."

Last Question, what's your history with his music?

When I found him I was really into the Rocky Horror Picture Show sequel, Shock Treatment. (Hot Take: I enjoy it more than Rocky Horror) Marc has a cover album called Shock Treatment Interpretations, that got me hooked. Since then I've been hunting down cassettes and vinyl records. Since he's from Florida, his stuff never shows up in Chicago shops (Unless I plant it) so I often call shops in Florida asking if they have any of Marc's music and order it that way. Lots of shops don't list their local music online. On top of that I've been working on Deluxe Packaging that people that are members of Marc's Patreon can use to make special copies of his albums on cassette, as well as the Home Media project which are a series of bootleg records with tracks from his Patreon Archive. There is a enough Marc with A C content between his main discography and his Patreon Archive to last you decades.

have a blinkie!

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