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UPDATE (9/24/23): WEBSTORE IS NOW LIVE! CHECK OUT THE SITE MAP FOR A LINK TO THE KO-FI SHOP. (I should have all my stock online by tomorrow)

We're currently under construction but this page will be the home of all my creative offerings. Look forward to printable zines, news, maybe even music, poems and all the like

Who am I? I'm a poet/muscian/shitty artist/writer/RPG-player/Sometimes V-Tuber residing in Chicago. If you want to support my creative endeavors you can purchase Zines at Quimby's.

Looking for Zine downloads? I'll occassionaly make them free for downloading, check the list in the Zines link below!

PSSSST: There's some hidden pages on this site. If you find them they come with blinkies!

In-Store Stock

NOTE: Rattleback Records is the only store I'll be able to regularly note when something is or isn't in stock.

Available at Quimbys:

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Available at Rattleback Records:

You can find me on instagram! Follow @Ham1ltron

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